Rustic Café Barrier Post


Rustic Café Barrier Post


  • Popular with venues looking to maintain a natural, agrestic ambience
  • Breeze stable 18Kg free standing café post
  • Suitable for both internal and external installations
  • Available in either Character Oak or Premium Pine
  • Available in two post widths: 75mm and 90mm
  • Perfect for mounting banners, solid panels or rope
  • Available as “end”, “corner” or “2-way” options
  • Choice of either round or square powder coated metal base compliant with the Equality Act 2010
  • Bespoke options available e.g. post height and colour (call our Sales Team for details)
  • Supplied ready assembled with torque fitted components to ensure secure assembly
  • Manufactured in the UK at our facility in Daventry
  • To order cross beams, please click here

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Height : 1040mm

Weight : 18kg

Post width (mm) : 75mm x 75mm or 90mm x 90mm

Base Diameter : 400mm (square) or 355mm (round)

Before making a choice it’s important to note that every piece of wood is unique – the timber reflects the species of tree, it’s growing history, the climate, geology, geography, level of management and all the other things that can act on a tree to give it’s wood the appearance and characteristics it has.

Our oak Rustic café posts are manufactured from “character” or “natural” oak timer., an affordable and attractive option that, not surprisingly, is full of character. The wood may feature some knots, heart shapes as well as some colour variation, all of which add to the products natural charm.

Over a period of time, depending upon the intensity of the exposure to daylight, the colour of oak will change i.e., become darker, this often happens in an erratic manner causing some pieces to appear lighter than others. This effect is natural and is not a result of the manufacturing process. The mellowing of oak occurs rapidly for the first 2 years and then appears to slow until it eventually reaches full “maturity”.

Our premium pine Rustic café posts are pressure treated and have relatively few, widely spaced knots and a straight, uniform grain which machines to a clear, smooth surface.

As the pine ages, with the help of UV from the sunlight it tends to turn more of an orange colour. In a similar way, as Oak oxidises with time, pine tends to darken to a very dark brown. As with our wood products this effect is natural and is not a result of the manufacturing process.

  • The Rustic café post has a simple, uncomplicated design at home in a contemporary or classic location.
  • The base plates are available in two options. Either a 400mm x 400mm square or a 355mm diameter disc complete with neoprene floor protectors.
  • The timber café post can be supplied in two thicknesses. The 75x75mm standard or a stockier 90mm version.
  • Complying with the Equality Act 2010 the low-profile base allows wheelchair users to pass over unheeded.
  • The Rustic café barrier includes as standard tough stainless steel D clips, manufactured for marine use.
  • A marine grade lacquer is applied as standard  to not only protect the wood but to also highlight the woods unique characteristics. Other stains and colours are also available.
End Post
2 Way Post
Corner Post
American Mahogany
Black Ash
Boston Teak
Cedar Fall
City Stone
Golden Maple
Hampshire Oak
Natural Oak
Silver Birch
Urban Slate
Vermont Green
Brushed Stainless Steel
Bronze Powder Coated
Copper Powder Coated
Black Powder Coated
Gold Brass Powder Coated
Other RAL Colours

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