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Effectively manage queues with our range of free standing and wall mounted retractable belt barriers.

Eliminate the need for bulky floor standing barriers with our comprehensive range of wall mounted retractables. Ideal for closing off doorways, corridors, and isles.

A wide range of free-standing barriers and accessories available in a choice of finish options and belt colours. Our standard and customised barriers offer quality, reliability and performance.

Our Site Safety range consists of a wide range of models each designed for use in tough working environments, and all are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

Our retractable barrier accessories range has a wide choice of customer guidance signage and heavy-duty steel construction storage carts to allow multiple barriers to be collected, moved and stored.

Retractable Belt Barriers For Queue Control

Retractable belt stanchions, often called retractable barriers have become the worldwide standard for forming customer queues (waiting lines). Having well organized, orderly customer queues not only increases customer satisfaction but also speeds customer flow.

Brandline is a market leader in the design, manufacturing, and supply of retractable belt barriers. We have over 40 models of stanchions in our range each designed to provide specific user benefits depending on the application. Whether you have heavy or light customer traffic, a large or small floor space, or need permanent or temporary queue systems we have a flexible barrier that will meet your needs at an affordable cost.

Applications for Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchions

Retail – Retractable barriers provide an important role in organising customers at the point of checkout. Whether single or multiple line formats are used having customers organised in orderly queues increases customer satisfaction and speeds customer flow.

Transportation – Airports, rail stations, ferry ports and bus terminals all benefit from the use of retractable webbing barriers to guide and control the mass movement of passengers.

Entertainment – Stadiums, arenas, theatres, museums, casinos and cinemas all widely use retractable barriers for managing customers for ticket sales, entry and concession stands.

Government – Many government offices including passport offices and courts of law manage large volumes of pedestrians using retractable free-standing or wall mounted barriers.

Education – Schools and universities are big users of retractable tape stanchions used across the campus in cafeterias, sports venues and other high activity areas.

Why Retractable Belt Stanchions?

The retractable belt barrier has become the standard for managing customer flow because of the flexibility and low cost they offer.

Retractable Belt – The retracting belt in a queuing stanchion is its key feature. This allows a barrier that can extend for several metres to retract into the stanchion post making for compact storage when not in use. The tape can also be lengthened or shortened to increase or decrease the size of the queue system depending on traffic flow.

4 Way Connectivity – All retractable belt barriers have 4-way connectivity i.e. as well as the stanchion belt it has three receiving splines for attachment by belts from other posts. This allows retractable belt stanchions to be set up in straight lines or at a right angle allowing fast, easy setup of queue systems of any shape.

Portable – Unlike guard rail systems retractable belt barriers are portable so they can be moved to any area they are needed and can be removed and put into storage when necessary. This makes installation simple and does not require drilling into expensive flooring.

Low Cost – When compared to other forms of barrier such as railings retractable belt barriers are very cost effective. Given that a single retractable belt barrier can extend from 3.4mtr to 22mtrs the cost per meter of barrier is low. Also, of course being portable there is no cost for installation.

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