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Traditional Posts & Ropes

Our range of barrier ropes and rope stands lead the market. From the economy end of the scale with the “Leader” products to the more exclusive “Premium” range, we have a system that will cater for all of your needs.

There will always be a market for Rope and Post barriers. Nothing seems to look as elegant or professional as these rope stands. Choose a modern satin look or a more traditional brass look but still have an end result which will look great.

Barrier ropes from Brandline Products have always been one of our biggest selling product ranges. Not only do we sell the barrier rope in three standard sizes, but we can also offer custom sizes to fit your requirements. Our barrier ropes are available from diameter 24mm up to 38mm, and can be made to your specific requirements.

Our traditional posts and rope accessories range has a wide choice of customer guidance signage and heavy-duty steel construction storage carts to allow multiple barriers to be collected, moved and stored.

Traditional Rope Posts

If you have ever stood in line, then you have almost certainly been standing between a line of what are popularly known as stanchions. The correct definition of the word stanchion is an upright bar or post such as a support for a railing. However, the term is commonly used to describe the various forms of barriers used to create customer queues (waiting lines). The two basic types are rope barriers often referred to as post & rope barriers and retracting belt barriers. Retracting belts barriers are a common site in public areas where people must wait for service. Retail stores, airports, banks and amusement parks are just some of the venues that typically use large numbers of retracting belt barriers. The classic post & rope style barrier is the original crowd control barrier. With a history going back over 100 years this type of barrier is now less commonly used for pedestrian guidance in high traffic venues such as airports and is more associated with prestige settings such as hotel receptions, night clubs, casinos and red carpet events.

Main Uses

Crowd control barriers are used for two primary purposes. First is to form customer queues where the barriers are set up in two parallel rows to form a corridor leading to the service desk. For larger queues or where the floor space is more limited a zig zag or ‘snake’ layout is commonly used. The second way stanchions are used is to restrict access. In these situations, a line of barriers is set up across a doorway, corridor, or other areas to stop access. Stanchions are also often used to keep visitors a safe distance from exhibits in galleries and museums.

Retractable Belt or Traditional Rope Barriers. Which is Best for Me?

Retractable belt stanchions and classic rope stanchions serve the same functions. Retractable belt barriers offer the convenience of having the belt retract into the stanchion post when not in use. However, the ropes used with classic stanchions must be stored separately to the post which takes more time to set up and take down and adds to the storage space required. Retractable belt stanchions have a contemporary look and when combined with the convenience of the retracting belt are often a good choice for modern environments where easy to change layouts and easy storage are required. Retractable belts can also be printed with messages and logos so are ideal ways to inform the people queuing. However, when true elegance and charm are needed the traditional style of classic rope stanchions is perfect for complimenting elegant décor.

In summary we recommend retractable belt barriers for large scale queue systems in modern environments and where the stanchions must be moved frequently for cleaning or to change the queue layout. Classic rope stanchions should be chosen for more traditional environments where their style and elegance will add to the ambience on the venue.

Classic Stanchion Components and Choices

All our models of the traditional stanchion are excellent at providing customer guidance and crowd management, so the choices revolve around the look of the stanchion and its durability. When ordering a classic stanchion you need to consider four aspects of its design.

Economy or Premium: Economy stanchions such as the Leader Crown, Leader Flat or Leader Sphere or the Traditional Crown, Traditional Flat or Traditional Sphere have a concrete filled galvanized steel base with a decorative cover. The cost saving on these stanchions could make sense if they are not being used in a high traffic area and are not moved frequently. However, the cast iron base on a premium model is more durable. In high traffic situations or when the stanchions need to me moved often a stanchion with a cast iron base will have a longer service life and be more cost effective in the long run.

Post Top or Finial: A finial is the decorative fitting on the top of the stanchion. Although shapes vary there are three largely standard types. The Flat Top is generally considered a contemporary option for more modern environments. Tapered or Crown Tops are the red carpet classic seen all over the world and are the most ubiquitous design which can be used in the widest range of decors. The Ball Top has the most prestigious appearance and is an ideal choice for the most sophisticated environments.

Base Styles: Avoid thick bases with vertical ‘slab’ sides, these give the stanchion a heavy look and are not DDA compliant. Rather select a base with a profile or sloped top that tapers to the edge. This gives the stanchion a lighter look as well as reducing trip hazards.

Finishes: Finishes are metal plating options of which chrome is the most common. Colours are epoxy powder coats, effectively paint that is applied to the stanchion as a powder and then baked in a high temperature oven. The result is a smooth surface that is much more scratch resistant and durable than liquid paint. Most classic rope stanchions are available in black powder coat and although Brandline offers a range of over 200 custom powder coat colours the preferred choice for rope stanchions is usually a metal finish. The most seen metal finishes are polished chrome, brushed stainless steel and brass. Brushed stainless steel is an ideal finish for hiding fingerprints. Brass finishes are not solid brass but a mix of brass and zinc plating over steel.

Also popular on classic rope stanchions are custom plating finishes, these add a depth of luster and can be ordered to match specific decors. Brandline is unique in offering nine finish stock options. Among our stock specialty finishes we have; Statuary Bronze (also called Oil Rubbed Bronze) which is a deep brown colour, Pewter Nickel as the name suggest has the appearance of pewter, English Antique is an aged brass finish while Antique Copper has the same aged look but on a copper base. These specialty finishes are well worth considering, they add a unique look the stanchions which adds a touch of class to any environment.

How to Create the Red Carpet Look

The reason that a simple rope stanchion is so powerful in creating an exclusive feel to any event is the fact that for several generations we have had the association of classic rope stanchions and the stars of Hollywood embedded in our minds. Going as far back as the classic days of Hollywood we have seen stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor walk the red carpet behind a line of rope stanchions In fact so deeply ingrained is the association of classic rope stanchions and Hollywood glamour that often all that is required is the use of the stanchions themselves to provide an exclusive feel to an event. Of course, adding an actual red carpet is ideal. These are now readily available for rent so is a practical option even for events on a modest budget. Simple ways to further develop the red carpet theme include having the event photographer stationed at the entrance as guests walk up the red carpet behind the stanchions. The classic rope stanchions can also be used in other areas such as photo booths, receptions lines and even at the buffet.

Crowd Control Ropes

Our crowd control ropes provide an elegant and convenient solution for your events crowd control needs. Select from a wide assortment of premium rope materials and available post finish options to perfectly compliment your venue or event. Our products provide more than just a simple rope post, our product quality actively elevates the perception of your locale.

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