Retractable Paper Sign Holder


Retractable Paper Sign Holder



The Paper Sign Holder takes standard copier paper, which means you can print your own signs with any desktop printer. To fit the sign simply pull the two sides of the clear acrylic sheets apart and slide the sign in. Signs can therefore be changed as often as you like. The Paper Sign Holder is available in either horizontal or vertical orientation. The frames are supplied with the 2 sheets of clear acrylic.

This model is for use with retractable belt barriers only and is fitted with a post top adapter that slides onto the top of your belt stanchion for a firm fit.

Finish : Black or Polished Chrome

Orientation : Landscape or Portrait

Size : A4 only

Weight : 0.45 kg

  • Retractable barrier post top sign

  • Takes standard A4 copier paper

  • Landscape & portrait sign frames in A4 display size

  • Fit poster simply pull two sides of acrylic sheet apart and insert from side

  • Simple attachment to retractable barrier post

  • Available in black or polished chrome

  • Compatible with most retractable barrier posts well sell

  • Adapters available to fit all major brands. Contact us for details

Polished Chrome

Download the Retractable Paper Sign Holder Spec Sheet by clicking here