Polyhemp Barrier Ropes


Polyhemp Barrier Ropes


Our premium Polyhemp barrier ropes are the perfect choice when you are looking for tough, strong washable barrier ropes. Polyhemp provides an excellent rustic feel to any environment. This rope has a solid weave and we heat seal the ends to eliminate fraying. Polyester hemp ropes are great for outdoor use but are also suited for indoor use. Because of its natural look, it is also used as decoration rope in many occasions.


Length : 1200mm/1500mm/1800mm

Diameter : 24mm/38mm

Diameters : Thicker diameter gives a more elegant look and hangs perfectly. (38mm rope diameter rather than 24mm). We would recommend this rope with our premium barrier range.

Trigger Ends : Trigger ends ensure accidental release is avoided. Lock the chord into place to ensure that they are not accidentally knocked from the ring on the barriers.

Ropes :Bound and sealed rope ensures that the ends will not fray after time. We use a solid wire to ensure that the rope will not become detached during use and will maintain the perfect barrier systems.

Slide Snap Rope End
Polished Brass
Polished Chrome

Download the Polyhemp Rope Spec Sheet by clicking here

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