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The Wrought Iron Cafe Planter


Height: The height of the Wrought Iron Planter varies
Weight: Minimum weight is 46 Kgs
False Bottom: Unless otherwise specified, the base of the planter is full depth.
Composition: Wrought Iron and Timber
Finish: Weather resistant. Frame can be finished to any specification.
Printing: Printing is not offered as standard with this planter
Colour of Timber: Manufactured in a hardwood timber of your choice
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The  Wrought Iron Planter is primarily manufactured on a bespoke basis. Our expert designers are happy to chat to you regarding the design of the planter that you envisage. The Wrought Iron Planter is timeless and with maintenance willl last for decades to come. Built by our master craftsmen, the Wrought Iron Planters will create an impact and an audience!


Product Features

Ornate Designs Beautiful design features. The wrought iron planters are hardwearing and designed to last. The planters will make your venue stand out from a crowd. Durable and timeless, wrought iron is also incredibly versatile. Get inspired by some of our favorite designs below.
Choice Of Sizes Choice of sizes. To give full flexibility, we have designed our wrought iron cafe planters in a range of sizes. The images shown are all based on the most common sizes. Most planters consist of a central decal with side pickets. In all cases the central decal will remain the same and the number of pickets will be reduced if you choose a smaller width than that shown. If you are unsure, please call our office to confirm.
Full Fabrication Fabrication - We have a full fabrication department ensuring that only the strongest joints and structures are manufactured. Our welding facility ensures that your design is followed precisely.
Excellent external characteristics Excellent external characteristics. Used for many years as railings and gates, wrought iron planters are perfect for a harsh external environment.


Insert Finishes

The Wrought Iron Planter is supplied with a choice of inserts. Timber or Aluminium. All timber inserts are lacquared with a clear satin lacquer to protect and enhance the post finish. A list of the timber that we use is listed below.


Ash Ash - Fraxinus americana and related species (oleaceace) - Beautiful light coloured, grainy wood. It is hard with little 'give' and can be 'springy' due to the long grain and tension in the wood. Finishes very well.
Beech Beech - Fagus sylvatica (Fagaceae) - Grain tight and consistent although can be seen as uninteresting. Overall a very good light coloured hardwood.
Cherry Cherry - Prunus serotina (Rosaceae) - Can vary in colour from red-brown to either deep red or a lighter red-brown. It normally has brown or darker flecks. There can be considerable colour variations between posts. 
Maple Maple - Acer saccharum and A. nigrum (Aceraceae) - is a uniform pale reddish-brown or light tan, the sapwood is white with a reddish tinge. It has a typically straight grain, which can sometimes be wavy or curly. It has a fine, even texture.
Oak Oak - Quercus alba and related species (Fagaceae) - can vary in colour from light tan or pale yellow-brown to dark or pale brown, and can even have a pinkish tint. Oak usually has a straight but open grain and is fairly course in texture
Walnut Walnut - Juglans nigra (Juglandaceae)) - can be light greyish-brown, dark brown or purplish-black. The slightly open grain is typically straight, but can be curly or wavy. The texture is usually coarse, but develops a lustrous patina in time. Burrs (burls), stump wood and crotches produce notable mottled, curly and wavy figure.

Purchasing Options

Due to the bespoke nature of the Wrought Iron Planter, prices are on application only. Call our sales office or access our on-line chat and speak to an advisor



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