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XXL Wall Mounted Barrier


The XL is a high capacity wall mounted barrier designed for restricting access in long span applications such as wider warehouse aisles and loading bays.


Height: 100mm
Width: 100mm
Depth: 100mm
Weight: 0.90kg
Belt Width: 50mm
Belt Length: 5.4M


 A retractable wall mount that is 5.4 Metres in length with a choice of tape colurs, A tough aluminium body made for robust applications.Standard belt end. Includes Wall Receptacle. Ideal for temporarily closing or blocking access to aisles, doorways, and corridors. 


The Wall Mounted Retracted Barrier - The XL. This barrier is used primarily for medium spans such as longer warehouse aisles and loading bays. Available in black, or aluminium finish. The XL extends to 5.4 Metres of belt.



Highly Visible Advertising Space

A typical queue system of 10 barriers has 1.6sq metres of belt area. This is prime advertising space as it is highly visible and in the most heavily trafficked area of any facility Printing the belt is a very effective way to promote branding or to convey safety messages.
Digital (Dye Sublimation) Printing: 

Used for complex or multi coloured designs. The dye sublimation process infuses the ink into the fibres of the belt so the print will never wear off. Being a digital process almost anything can be printed including photographs and scannable QR barcodes.