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The Wooden Cafe Barrier Posts

We have recently seen an up surge in clients selecting the wooden cafe barrier posts. At Brandline Products we manufacture two types of wooden cafe barrier posts. The first, of which there are two models, and most popular is the Rustic Post. It’s chunky appearance leads to it’s name.

This blog explains everything you need to know about the Rustic wooden cafe barrier post.

The Rustic Wooden Cafe Post

Our standard and most common rustic wooden posts are manufactured in 90mm and 75mm oak post size. Oak Cafe Posts are not only heavier, but also stronger and much more durable. Oak timber makes it a perfect material for exterior uses, as it can withstand the variable UK weather conditions and will also resist the other forces of nature, such as fungal and termite attacks, as well as moisture. Oak is one of the most recognized woods, it’s remarkable strength and hardness is unquestioned within the woodworking community. For centuries, the countless varieties of this hardwood have carved their way into history, serving as planking for Viking long-ships and interior paneling for the House of Commons.

When we purchase oak timber for the Cafe Barrier Wooden Posts, we buy it from the mill in three-meter lengths. They are sawn finished. After we’ve routed, sanded and cut the post to size, they are stained, painted, or clear coated to the clients specification.

Rustic posts with alternative panels

Our Rustic Wooden Cafe Barrier Posts are versatile. Whether for barrier rope, canvas banners, wooden panels, or wrought iron. Our Rustic posts can be used for any Brandline Product Banner or Panel.

Post Clips

Dependant on your application, whether you would rather use your wooden cafe barrier posts with barrier ropes or cafe panels, we will change the post accordingly. We can also amend the colour of the accessories to suit your requirement. All clips are manufactured in marine grade stainless steel to avoid corrosion.

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