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Adjustable Height Bar Table

The Springfield Adjustable Bar Table


Height: The height of the Bar Table is adjustable between 80cm and 100 cm
Weight: Variable. Minimum weight is 23 Kgs
Composition: Reclaimed timber and cast iron
Finish: Weather resistant. Timber can be finished to any specification.


Real cast iron stand and reclaimed timber. To buy this product, click here: "Purchasing Options"


Product Features

Our banners are industrially sewn Recycled materials. The timber we use originates from old scaffolding boards. Yes, builders have been planting their huge steel toed caps all over them, but, you would never know. Having cleaned them, industrially sanded them and then coated them, they look fantastic.
Vinyl Transfer Print is our primary application Our full wood working facility ensures that not only will your plant last the test of time, but it will also be manufactured to the highest standard.
Multi Coloured Canvas Cafe Banner Fabrication - We have a full fabrication department ensuring that only the strongest joints and structures are manufactured. Our
Strong Heavy Duty Beam Ends and Canvas Banners Finishes - Not only do we ensure that the planters are weather resistant, but we use well known brands that guarantee life against UV deterioration and are guaranteed.

Purchasing Options

You can purchase the Springfield Adjustable Bar Table below. To purchase the table, select the finish below