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Rustic Rope Barrier


The Rustic rope barrier is a premium rope barrier. Manufactured from real oak timber and weighing 16 Kgs, the Rustic rope barrier is a firm favourite for venues looking to maintain a rustic country feel. Excellent for external use, but just as effective inside, this rope barrier will last the test of time.


The bases are powder coated and salt spray tested to ASTM B117 international standard.




Weight: 16 kg
Post size (mm): 75 x 75 or 90 x 90
Base Thickness: 10mm
Base Diameter (mm): 400 or 355


The base is flat complying with the 2010 equality act. The post has been tested against corrosion to ASTM B117. Due to its external durability, the Rustic Post can easily be converted to a cafe barrier too.


The Rustic Wooden Rope Barrier is also available with round bases.


Call the office for further information and see how the Rustic post will improve your post and rope systems.


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General description


The Oak Rustic Rope Barrier has characteristic silver grain figures due to broad rays. The heartwood is extremely durable and is light tan in colour. We use Oak because it is a robust traditional material and like many other timbers varies in grain and colour from piece to piece.


Over a period of time, depending upon the intensity of the exposure to daylight, the colour of oak will change i.e. become darker, this often happens in an erratic manner causing some pieces to appear lighter than others. This effect is natural and is not a result of the manufacturing process. Problems can arise if an object is left on the wood's surface for an extended period of time, as this will inhibit the colour change of the timber below it and may result in a patch of lighter wood that will take longer to mellow. The mellowing of oak occurs rapidly for the first 2 years and then appears to slow until it eventually reaches full "maturity".


Floor Protector Two designs for the base weight. Either a 355mm diameter disc, or 400mm x 400mm square. The Oak post can be supplied in two thicknesses the 75mm standard or a chunkier 90mm version.
Low Profile Base A Low profile base allows wheel chair users full access to your premises complying with the equality act of 2010. They are also useful if you have a lot of pram or push chair traffic. The base has been designed to accept floor protectors. The last thing you need when you have expensive flooring is for the barriers that are supposed be a protection for your premises, causing damage to your flooring. The all floor protector is made from heavy duty, industrial neoprene.
Heavy Duty Clips The rustic rope barrier includes two tough stainless steel rope clips which are manufactured for marine use and will guaranteed for 10 years..
Protective Finish The Rustic Barrier is manufactured with treated Oak timber as standard. Prior to delivery a marine grade lacquer is applied to the barrier to protect the wood for external use. Other stains and colours are also available.

The Rustic Rope Barrier, another popular premium post within our range. The Rustic Rope Barrier Post has been a firm favourite in the alfresco industry for many years. A solid real oak post which can accept any Brandline barrier rope. The post is supplied with two stainless steel clips to hold the ropes.



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