XXL Wall Mount


XXL Wall Mount

The XXL is a high capacity wall mounted barrier designed for restricting access in long span applications such as wider warehouse aisles and loading bays. The beast of a retractable wall mount is probably the toughest on the market. It is supplied in lengths of 12m and 22m.  The XXL. This barrier is used primarily for huge spans such as longer warehouse aisles and loading bays. Available in black, or aluminium finish. From 12 metres through to a huge 22 metres of belt. This wall mount is supplied with Luminous yellow tape only.


Height : 175mm

Width : 175mm

Depth : 170mm

Weight : 4.3kg

Belt Width : 50mm 

Belt Length : 13.0 / 22.0M

  • The universal belt end is supplied automatically with all of our products. It has been developed to be compatible with all other major brands of retractable barriers.
  • The Magnetic belt end allows you to clip the barrier belt to any metal surface. A warehouse rack, a metal door etc.
  • The S Clip is used when you need to connect to a pole or post of some kind. Simply wrap the belt around the item and clip the end back onto the belt.
  • The Panic Break is popular in places such as airports when a rapid evacuation may be necessary.
  • The Permanent Mount is supplied with four screws for mounting. (our standard product).
  • The Removable Mount is supplied with a plate which is screwed to the wall which allows the wall mount to be affixed when required.
  • The Magnetic Mount for temporarily mounting the unit on metal surfaces.
  • The Warehouse Rack for affixing to all industrial designed racking.
  • The Clamping Mount for attaching to posts.

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