XL Wall Mount


XL Wall Mount

The XL is a high capacity wall mounted barrier designed for restricting access in long span applications such as wider warehouse aisles and loading bays. A retractable wall mount that is 5.4 metres in length with a choice of tape colours, A tough aluminium body made for robust applications. Standard belt end which includes a wall receptacle. Ideal for temporarily closing or blocking access to aisles, doorways, and corridors.


Height : 100mm

Width : 100mm

Depth : 100mm

Weight : 0.90kg

Belt Width : 50mm 

Belt Length : 5.4M

  • The universal belt end is supplied automatically with all of our products. It has been developed to be compatible with all other major brands of retractable barriers.
  • The Magnetic belt end allows you to clip the barrier belt to any metal surface. A warehouse rack, a metal door etc.
  • The S Clip is used when you need to connect to a pole or post of some kind. Simply wrap the belt around the item and clip the end back onto the belt.
  • The Panic Break is popular in places such as airports when a rapid evacuation may be necessary.
  • The Permanent Mount is supplied with four screws for mounting. (our standard product).
  • The Removable Mount is supplied with a plate which is screwed to the wall which allows the wall mount to be affixed when required.
  • The Magnetic Mount for temporarily mounting the unit on metal surfaces.
  • The Warehouse Rack for affixing to all industrial designed racking.
  • The Clamping Mount for attaching to posts.

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