RollerSafety 251 Twin


RollerSafety 251 Twin

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Designed to simplify your safety protocols, RollerSafety 251 Twin is the ultimate solution when it comes to setting up and securing restricted areas effortlessly. By integrating the durability of a steel post and cast iron base with the convenience of a roller base, this innovative product guarantees swift deployment in fast-paced working environments.
With the lower belt of RollerSafety Twin 251 effectively restricting pedestrians from sneaking under the barrier, you can establish a robust level of access control. To ensure maximum safety awareness, we offer an extensive range of belt colours and pre-printed safety messages that you can mix and match to fit your needs seamlessly. Additionally, our customisation services allow you to personalise your message, meeting your unique requirements precisely.
Available in both 3.4m and 3.9m tape lengths, the RollerSafety Twin adapts effortlessly to various spaces. Whether it’s a bustling construction site or an ever-changing event venue, RollerSafety guarantees swift and dependable barrier setup. Embrace the convenience and durability of RollerSafety 251 Twin and experience unparalleled ease in managing restricted areas.

Weight : 10 kgs

Overall Height : 1015mm

Post Diameter : 64mm

Base Diameter : 355mm

Base : Cast iron with full circumference floor protector

Belt Width : 50mm

Belt Length Options : 3.4m & 3.9m

Slow Retracting Belt : Our belt cassette offers key safety features including a belt brake for slow belt retraction and a constant torque spring mechanism for smooth and silent belt retraction.






Belt End Lock : Universal belt end connects to all major brands and features a belt lock which prevents accidental belt release.






Full Circumference Floor Protector : A full circumference rubber floor protector provides maximum protection for expensive show room floors.






4-Way Connectivity : Each stanchions features 4-way connectivity with one expandible belt and three universal connection splines.

Orange & Black Diagonal (Available as standard on the Orange model)
Black & Yellow Diagonal (Available as standard on the Yellow  model)
Red & White (Available as standard on the Red model)

Used for complex or multi coloured designs. Being a digital process almost anything can be printed including photographs and scan able QR codes. The ink is infused into the fibres of the belt meaning the print will never wear off.

Please call the office for more information on printed webbing.

Download the RollerSafety 250 Twin Retractable Barrier Spec Sheet by clicking here

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From £124.50

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