QueuePro Magnetic 251


QueuePro Magnetic 251


  • The QueuePro Magnetic 251 stanchion has the advantage of providing a fixed queue installation without the cost and worry of having to drill into the floor.
  • The magnetic mount prevents the stanchions from moving during use ensuring the queue system stays in line as originally set out.
  • High strength magnets in the base means the stanchion will withstand the bumps and knocks of everyday use but can be removed by a concerted pull on the post top.
  • A self-centering feature in the base makes it easy to align the stanchion with the floor plate.
  • Ideal for queues where the layout is permanent, airports, sports arenas, and retail stores.
  • Choose from two tape length options – 3.4m or 3.9m – and keep your queues flowing smoothly and effortlessly.

Weight : 3.6 kgs

Overall Height : 990mm

Post Diameter : 64mm

Base Diameter : 225mm

Base Plate Diameter : 220mm

Base Plate Thickness: 2mm

Belt Width : 50mm

Belt Length Options : 3.4m & 3.9m

Loose – Full Circumference Floor Protector : A full circumference rubber floor protector provides maximum protection for expensive show room floors.

Magnetic base: 6no high strength magnets with self-centering feature making it easy to align with the floor plate. The 2mm thick floor plate is supplied with 3M VHB adhesive tape for a strong bond to the floor surface.

Dark Grey
Dark Green
Light Blue
Light Brown
Light Green
Navy Blue
Olive Green
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Yellow
Red & White Diagonal
Black & Yellow Diagonal
Black & Red Diagonal

Used for complex or multi coloured designs. Being a digital process almost anything can be printed including photographs and scan able QR codes. The ink is infused into the fibres of the belt meaning the print will never wear off.

Please call the office for more information on printed webbing.

Download the QueuePro Magnetic 250 Queue Barrier Spec Sheet by clicking here

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QueuePro Magnetic 251 £93.90

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