QueuePro 300 Socket Mount


QueuePro 300 Socket Mount


The QueuePro 300 Removable is designed for creating large queue systems where its 4.9m belt halves the number of barriers that are needed with the industry standard belt. Fewer barriers lowers total purchase cost and reduces the labour required to set up and take down queue systems. The belt mechanism is housed inside the post giving the QueuePro 300 Removable a sleek, elegant look and despite the long span the belt won’t sag. Made from a heavy duty steel post and offering a high quality fixed base that is ideal when the queue system is semi-permanent. A cap fits flush with the socket flange for safe closure when the stanchion is removed.

Weight : 2.5 kgs

Overall Height : 1015mm

Post Diameter : 75mm

Base : Removable

Belt Width : 50mm

Belt Length Options : 4.9m

Slow Retracting Belt : Our belt cassette offers key safety features including a belt brake for slow belt retraction and a constant torque spring mechanism for smooth and silent belt retraction.

Belt End Lock : Universal belt end connects to all major brands and features a belt lock which prevents accidental belt release.

Removable Base : For permanent queue layouts but where occasional removal may be necessary the removable base is ideal.

4-Way Connectivity : Each stanchions features 4-way connectivity with one expandible belt and three universal connection splines.

Dark Grey
Dark Green
Light Blue
Light Brown
Light Green
Navy Blue
Olive Green
Fluorescent Orange
Fluorescent Pink
Fluorescent Yellow
Red & White Diagonal
Black & Yellow Diagonal
Black & Red Diagonal

Used for complex or multi coloured designs. Being a digital process almost anything can be printed including photographs and scan able QR codes. The ink is infused into the fibres of the belt meaning the print will never wear off.

Please call the office for more information on printed webbing.

Download the QueuePro 300 Retractable Queue Barrier Spec Sheet by clicking here

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QueuePro 300 Socket Mount £108.00

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