Original Rope Barrier Post


Original Rope Barrier Post

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The Original rope post with it’s distinctive shaped head is a popular premium barrier. Made in the UK from high quality, machined marine grade stainless steel, the Original rope post is undoubtedly the best product on the market for sustained outdoor use. Its clean, stylish looks make it a popular choice for indoor venues as well.

The heavy-duty cast-iron base is tapered to make it wheelchair friendly and DDA compliant.

As the Original rope post is made at our UK production facility (and not out the back of a Chinese container) Brandline can offer variations to the post specification, including post height, base options and colour.

The Original post is ideal for hanging rope as well as canvas banners, rustic wooden panels and metal mesh screens.

Why not call our sales office who will be happy to discuss the world of options available?

Call the office for further information and see how the Original post will improve your post and rope systems.

Height : 1070mm

Weight : 19kg

Post Diameter : 50.8mm

Base Diameter : 340mm

Weight protectors : The galvanised cast iron weight protects the base from corrosion and the stainless steel cover is thicker than other traditional barriers.

Base : Although the base is heavier than your standard market rope post, we have been careful to ensure the shape of the base weight is conical and will adhere to access regulations.

Colour Range : We can supply the Original post in any RAL Colour. You can even have the Original post wrapped in a design of your choice.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel : A tough machined ring will stand up to rigorous use and will not corrode due to being machined from marine grade stainless steel. The Original rope barrier is one of three models that can claim this accolade.

Brushed Stainless Steel
Black Powder Coated
Brass Powder Coated

Free Standing : Our standard free standing base weight. 340mm in diameter. Cast iron with a stainless steel cover.

Floor Socket : Perfect for when you need a small foot print, and have to remove your system at close of business each day.






Surface Mounted : Another great base adapter. The surface mounted base is perfect for decking areas as well as permanent fixtures.






Magnetic : Simply bond or screw a base plate to the flooring and the post will adhere as if on a heavy weight base. Perfect for airports and shopping centres.

Download the Original Rope Barrier Spec Sheet by clicking here

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From £91.00

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