Canvas Cafe Banner


Canvas Cafe Banner

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The Canvas cafe banner is a premium cafe screen. This is our most popular material. Manufactured from 290gsm 100% solution dyed acrylic, the canvas cafe barriers are a firm favourite for the more “exclusive” venues. The canvas is sourced directly from well known awning and parasol manufacturers. The canvas banners are manufactured in-house and can be made to any bespoke width available upon request. If you have artwork to supply, please call the office on 01327 366007 or email [email protected].

Height : 860mm as standard. Bespoke sizes available upon request

Weight : 290 g/m squared

Composition : 100% solution dyed acrylic

Finish : Special dirt resistant and water resistant treatment

Printing : Digitally printed vinyl can be transferred to either one side or both sides

Industrial Strength : All of our banners are stitched using industrial strength threads and machines. Unlike other suppliers we will never glue or weld a banner.

Vinyl Transfer Print : To ensure a clear crisp print, we brand our banners using the heat transfer process. This ensures that not only the print remains colour fast and stable, but the vinyl used will last as long as the material it is transferred to.

Multi Coloured Print:  We are not restricted in what we can print. Our in-house printing facility can accommodate most sizes and artwork.

Strength : Our canvas not only offers a beautiful finish, but it has been made with strength in mind. Normal applications include marine and display. You will see our material on almost all awnings or giant umbrellas in Europe.

Menthe – 7557
Fougere – 8201
Amande – 7244
Vert – 0003
Emeraude – 7297
Foret – 6687
Turquoise – 6688
Saphir – 6720
Chardon – 8778
Azur – U388
Bleuet – 8204
Bleu – 0017
Paon – 8901
Ocean – 7264
Marine – 6022
Bleu Nuit – 8238
Vermillon – 0020
Rouge – 3914
Grenat – U804
Bordeaux – 8206
Chataigne – 8207
Rose – U170
Cassis – 7554
Safran – 8777
Papaye – 8205
Orange – 0018
Tangerine – U767
Mandarine – 0867
Sable – 0034
Toast – 8891
Ble – 6318
Paille – 7560
Jaune – 6316
Beige – 8902
Dune – 0681
Champagne – 0806
Grege – 6020
Ivoire – 7548
Vanille – 6610
Naturel – 7133
Ecru – 0001
Pierre – 6196
Argile – U387
Gris – 6088
Argent – 7552
Souris – 8396
Ardoise – 8203
Carbone – U171
Noir – 6028
Taupe – 7559
Chanvre – 8200
Marron – 0613
Cacao – 8776
Chocolat – U083
Brownie – U224
Chardon Chine-U402
Flanelle Chine-U104
Basalte Chine-U095
Indigo Chine – U796
Lin Chine – 8904
Curry Chine – U105
Bruyere Chine-8779
Granny Chine-U321
Muralis Chine-U792
Olive Chine – U814
Graphite Flamme – 7132
Marseille Flamme-8854
Perle Flamme -7972
Cuir Link – U813
Garance Link – U803
Magma Link – U808
Orgeat Link – U806
Okoume Link – U799
Aurore Link – U802
Pollen Link – U807
Craie Link – U810
Hetre Link – U811
Aloe Link – U793
Cepe Link – U785
Etain Link – U786
Jungle Link – U788
Pin Link – U789
Jais Link – U787
Fume Link – U812
Celeste Link – U795
Acier Pique – U406
Cedre Pique – U791
Atoll Pique – U798
Cleadon Pique-U794
Lichen Pique – U416
Mais Pique – U415
Mate Pique – U805
Potiron Pique – U413
Fauve Pique – U809
Piment Pique – U412
Carmin Pique – U411
Ebene Pique – U768
Poivre Pique – U343
Chaume Pique-U235
Moka Pique – U410
Platine Pique – U407
Titane Pique – U408
Daim Pique – U337
Marbre Pique – U409
Gypse Pique – U335
Switch Corail – U399
Switch Vermillon – U394
Goyave Tweed-U801
Figue Tweed – U800
Orage Tweed – U797
Gris Tweed – U190
Papyrus Tweed – U370
Gazelle Tweed – U140
Chamois Tweed – U371
Tempete Tweed – U784
Charbon Tweed – 7330
Macadam Tweed – U373
Cypres Tweed – 7100
Vison Tweed – U137



Before submitting your artwork to us, please make sure you have read our artwork and proofing guidelines which are detailed below.

  • We will only accept files in the following: PDF, Ai & EPS. These files need to be editable and in high resolution with all font files converted to outlines. If your fonts are not converted to outlines, please supply the font file as a ttf. file. Please note, we do not work with or accept Microsoft Word files or Powerpoint.
  • Please ensure that all artwork files are set to CMYK. Computer screens and other digital displays create colour in RGB. This stands for red, green & blue. The mixture of these 3 primary colours creates all the different colours you see. In printing we print in CMYK. We use these 4 colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black in combination to create a printed banner. This means that if artwork is supplied to us in RGB our software needs to convert the colour to CMYK. This conversion process can sometimes give unexpected results and printed colours can look very different to what you expected. It is therefore important that the artwork file you send us is converted to CMYK before it is sent.
  • We can match Pantone colours; however, we cannot guarantee an exact match. You must notify us of any Pantone colours that require matching. If you do not notify us of any Pantone colours on your artwork, then we will print to the nearest CMYK value. Due to the nature and limitations of the CMYK printing system, we cannot guarantee an exact match. If you would like us to run a sample, this will incur a small cost and extend your lead time.
  • Please set your artwork without bleed or crop marks.
  • The overall height of our standard banners is 860mm. This includes 90mm top and bottom pockets. We do not advise your artwork to be printed over the pockets. The overall print area height for your artwork should therefore be 680mm.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any spelling errors/typos/incorrect telephone numbers, or improper setup of files. If we believe that a file is incorrect before production, we will contact you and request a new file.
  • We advise that all artwork is supplied at 300dpi at full size.


When ordering banners, we will provide you with a proof as standard. Your proofs will be sent over to you via email within 3 working days. Your first 2 proofs are supplied free. Any other proofs that need to be provided after this will incur an additional cost.

Your order will not be put into production until we receive proof approval from yourselves. If we do not receive artwork confirmation, then this will delay the shipping of your order.

Banner Sizing

Our banners are manufactured in-house and can be made to any width. For ease of use, the following sizes are manufactured as standard post centres. 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm. The actual width of the banner is 214mm less than the post centre dimension. See diagram below.

Download the Canvas Banner Spec Sheet by clicking here

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From £39.75

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