Camberwell Planter


Camberwell Planter

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The Camberwell recycled plastic planter is the perfect product to brighten up any garden or public area. This planter is manufactured from 100% recycled products such as milk containers, laundry detergent bottles, Tupperware, bleach bottles, shampoo bottles and motor oil bottles. A typical Camberwell planter represents over 1,780 milk containers being saved from landfill.

Height: Height options for the Camberwell planter vary depending on size selected. Ranging from 600mm to 1000mm

Weight: Minimum weight is 32 kgs

False Bottom: Unless otherwise specified, the base of the planter is 400mm depth

Composition: 100% HDPE recycled plastic material

Finish: Weather resistant

Printing: Printing is not offered as standard with this planter

Castors: Castors are not  available on this planter

Colour: Black, brown or grey

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Realistic looking artificial flowers and greenery has become the popular choice for filling planters. With no maintenance expense artificial plants cost less over time with the bonus of arriving fully grown. No patience or feeding is required with no risk of damage thorough over watering or frost. Brandline offers 6 standard arrangements, but bespoke options are available. Call our sales office for information and prices. Prices depend on the coverage and the arrangement you choose. Keep in mind plants arranged down the centre of a planter can look as delightful as a full edge to edge arrangement and cost considerably less.

Download the Camberwell Planter Spec Sheet by clicking here

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From £561.00

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