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Look, but please don’t touch!

It’s always difficult to display a product whilst;

a) Conforming to Health and Safety regulations.

b) Keeping the display safe from theft and vandalism.

c) Not impeaching on the visual affect you are trying to achieve.

Let’s face it, most barrier systems will effectively spoil the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Those with minimal affect on the display won’t come anywhere near to securing it. It’s a bit of a catch 22.

That’s why we weren’t surprised when we were approached by Coca Cola designers on behalf of WH Smith and asked to recommend solutions to their Christmas tree problem. Coca Cola had been granted permission to show the festive display at four train station sites in and around London. Due to the heavy foot fall at the four locations, they were concerned that there may be both health and safety implications, as well as vandalism issues.

They wanted a barrier system that would both protect the public from any safety issues, whilst letting children gain the full effect of the display.

We suggested the acrylic cafe barrier system. The acrylic barrier system, whilst being robust and secure, could also be used perfectly for temporary displays.

The acrylic barrier system is primarily supplied with upright posts and acrylic screens as dividers. Simply place the posts at the locations you required and slide the panels in place. Each panel is supplied with a top and bottom cross beam which can be suspended from the post top and bottom rings.

Simple to install and simple to break down at the end of use.

The Acrylic panels can also be printed upon if necessary. The system stands at 1.0 Metre high and can be manufactured up to 1.5M wide. This also gives great access to little ones.

After the six week display period, the system was taken down and placed into storage. Ready for next year.

We did have a similar call a couple of months earlier. This time a company called BWT or ‘Best Water Technology’ were looking to show at the Grand Designs Exhibition in Birmingham. BWT have been long time sponsor of formula one racing team Force India and had managed to secure the loan of one of their racing cars..

Now, an F1 racing car, on average costs around £39M. Yes that thirty-nine million pounds! So it’s no surprise that the “please look, but do not touch” saying applies. Having been searching long and hard for a solution, BWT settled on the Brandline Products Acrylic Cafe Barrier system

Other images of the acrylic screens in use.

Acrylic Panels offer a secure barrier system without obstructing the visual impact. Very popular for exhibitions, and queue systems, and is much more cost effective than glass.

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