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Stainless Steel Post

  • Printed safety messages to alert staff and visitors.
  • Functional, post ideal for limiting and controlling access.
  • Floor protector fitted to the post base.
  • Dispenser 900 ml
  • Post H x Dia - 1500 overall
  • A4 Sign Poster
  • DDA compliant base shape
  • Drip Tray
Weight (Kilograms) 15
Overall Height (Millimeters) 1500
Current Lead Time (days) 30
Post Diameter (Millimeters) 70
Base Diameter (Millimeters) 360
Dispenser Size (Milliliters) 900
Washes per refill 1300


Protect your customers and staff by providing convenient hand sanitiser stations throughout your facility

  • Maintenance-free, no moving parts.
  • Hands-free,"no touch" dispenser.
  • Portable station fits anywhere.
  • Battery Operated

Portable hand sanitiser system with "no touch" dispenser instantly delivers germ-killing solution that kills 99.99% of germs.

Hand Sanitizers must be at least 60% alcohol to be effective against germs. Our Hand Sanitiser solution is 70% alcohol!


Full circumference neoprene protector ensures the flooring remains unmarked. Touch free hand sanitiser dispenser. With adjustable dosage. One pouch (900 ml) will dispense 1300 cleans.
A low profile base allowing wheel chair users unhindered access.

Noro Instant Hand Sanitizing Solution (6-Pack)

Each Refill Bag contains 946 ml of the sanitizer solution.

The Gemstar Sanitizer dispenser has five manual settings ranging from .07 ml to 5.0ml to control the dosage amount.



The HAND SANITISER DELUX Stands are available in standard finishes or in a wide variety of powder-coated colour finishes on request (minimum order applies).



The HAND SANITISER DELUX REFILLS ARE AVAILABLE HERE. Germstar® Hand Sanitizer Solution Bags 80 - ST702/CIT - 6817D

  • Germstar® Hand Sanitizer bag are sealed, air-tight and self-collapsing to prevent content and dispenser cross-contamination
  • Each bag contains 32 oz of hand sanitizing solution enough for approximately 1,500 hand washings
  • Medical-grade solution with a broad killing spectrum
  • Contains 70% isopropyl alcohol content
  • Certified for pre-surgical uses
  • Citrus flavor are perfect for application where low alcohol odor and user experience are priority
  • Ideal for restaurants, aircraft, schools, hotels, resorts and retail outlets
  • Softens hands with a fresh citrus fragrance
  • Hand sanitizing solution contains 63% ethyl alcohol content
  • Contains 6 hand sanitizer refill bags per pack