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The framed wooden panels are fast becoming a popular way to cordon off your alfresco area. We manufacture two types of wooden framed panels. The first is a robust 40mm frame which accepts recycled scaffolding borards. The scaffolding boards can be sanded to look like new timber or lightly sanded to give a reclaimed look. The other type of framed wooden panel we manufacture is the 20mm framed timber. This is obviously much lighter and perfect for clients who have to pack their alfresco furniture away at close of business each night. The wooden framed panels are manufactured entirely in house and can be made at any width. However, to assist you in selecting your panels we show some of our most popular framed wooden cafe panels below.

Uncoloured Reclaimed Wooden Scaffold Panel


Height: 840mm as standard. Bespoke sizes available
Thickness: Various.
Finish: Suitable for interior and exterior applications
Printing: The panels can be printed with stenciling, burnt or digitally transferred.
Warranty: 5 years on material, 5 years on print.
Colour Available in any standard wood finish


A popular choice for a more rustic look. The wooden panels can be supplied in a heavy duty thick reclaimed timber, or a thinner wood for a lighter product. The panels are supplied with standard connection pins making assembly fast and easy. To buy this product, click here: "Purchasing Options"


Colours & Finishes

The frames are powder coated and therefore can be finished to any RAL reference. The timber is supplied with a clear varnish (see features). If you have a specific colour in mind, please call the sales office who will be happy to help.


Colour Matching


For prices see the prices below. For other bespoke solutions and printing prices, please call the office on the number below.


Due to the configuration and construction of the panels, no cross beams are required with these products.



Multi Coloured print Real reclaimed timber. Whilst many companies claim that the timber they use is reclaimed and recycled, we ensure that when reclaimed timber is requested, we source it locally from approved reclamation yards. When new timber is used, it is bought in from sustainable sources only. Brandline Products care about the environment.
Multi Coloured print We ensure that any finishes we use are marine grade. Our standard finish is Yacht Varnish.  Yacht Varnish is a traditional outdoor varnish, ideal for use on bare wood or over existing solvent-based finishes, such as varnish. It protects exterior wood against the elements, and it is flexible so it will not crack, peel or blister. We will apply clear varnish unless otherwise requested. The clear varnish highlights the grain of the wood perfectly.
Strength Printing. Should you wish, we can apply a logo, message or any other design to the finished panel prior to varnishing. Dependant on the artwork received, we may select one of three printing methods to do this. The most common is to stencil the artwork on to the panel. This is a limited process and may involve several layers. The next type of print is digital print. The timber you select will have to be smooth and even for the process to be successful. Lastly, we can burn the logo onto the panel. The artwork should be limited in detail for the best results.
Strength Strength. The wooden panels are not only protected with a durable finish, but the frame is manufactured from 5mm mild steel which is welded in place. This ensures that not only are the framed wooden cafe panels are robust and durable, but they are guaranteed to last.

Panel A - Part Number 20016

Reclaimed scaffolding boards. These are lightly sanded to remove dirt and splinters but the patina remains. These panels are perfect for stencilling. See the Panels in location below.
Width Part # Price Weight
1000mm 200161000 £291.50 17.80 Kgs
1200mm 200161200 £317.00 19.50 Kgs

Panel B - Part Number 20018

This Cafe Panel is manufactured from new timber and is produced with a lighter 25mm frame. The panel can be finished in a colour of your choice or clear coated. Ideal if the panels need to be removed at close of business each day.
Width Part # Price Weight
1000mm 100181000 £254.00 17.80 Kgs
1200mm 100181200 £284.00 19.50 Kgs

Panel C - Part Number 20020

Panel C is manufactured from reclaimed floor boards and can be heavy. The panels are cleaned thoroughly, lightly sanded, and unless otherwise requested, clear coated. These panels are perfect for stencilling, digitally printing, or even applying burnt logos to.
Width Part # Price Weight
1000mm 100161000 £244.00 17.80 Kgs
1200mm 100161200 £274.00 19.50 Kgs

Panel D - Part Number 20022

Another lighter panel utilising new timber. This panel uses 19mm tongue & groove paneling. It is much lighter, but difficult to brand. This timber is usually used for outdoor buildings. The panel shown here has been treated in a Black Ash finish.
Width Part # Price Weight
1000mm 100181000 £244.00 17.80 Kgs
1200mm 100181200 £274.00 19.50 Kgs



The Wooden Framed Panels - Simply choose the panel you like from the table above, and then from the drop down menu below select the part number and add it to the basket. Please note that the panels do not come with the posts and that the posts are shown for illustration purposes only.



The Wooden Framed Panels in Location

Wooden Framed Panels

The Wooden Panels manufactured from reclaimed scaffolding boards @ Zizzi (MK Hub). Advance posts in satin black.


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