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The Classico Premium Cafe Barrier


Height: 1040mm
Weight: 19kg
Post Diameter: 50.8mm
Base Diameter: 340mm
Connectivity: 4 Way
Weight Type: Cast Iron
Material: Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Packaged: Fully Assembled


The Classico post is a premium cafe barrier post. Manufactured from marine grade stainless steel and weighing 19kgs, the Classico post is a firm favourite for the more "exclusive" venues.





Part of the Brandline premium range, the Classico cafe post is one of the most popular cafe barrier stands that we both manufacture and supply. Produced in marine grade stainless steel with a solid cast iron base, the Classico post is supplied with a life time guarantee.


Whether you are looking to cordon off an outside area or form an orderly queue, the Classico cafe barrier will stand up to task and pass with flying colours.


Available in a multitude of finishes including, polished brass, brushed stainless steel, copper vein and any RAL colour requirement you may have.





Finish Price
Polished Stainless Steel: £87.60
Brushed Stainless Steel: £80.10
Polished Brass Effect: £97.60
Gold Effect: £97.60
Bronze: £105.10
Silver Vein: £105.10
Gold Vein: £105.10
Copper Vein: £105.10
Powder Coated: £95.60


All finishes supplied will be guaranteed against corrosion whether it is used internally of externally. The cafe barriers are tested to ASTM B117 salt spray testing.

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Floor Protector The base has been designed to accept floor protectors. The last thing you need when you have expensive flooring is for the barriers that are supposed be a protection for your premises, causing damage to your flooring. The floor protector is made from heavy duty, industrial neoprene.
Low Profile Base A low profile base and a conical shape allows wheel chair users full access to your premises complying with the equality act of 2010. They are also useful if you have a lot of pram or push chair traffic.
Forged Ring A tough forged ring will stand up to rigorous use and easily support any cafe banner. Many posts are supplied with a pressed ring which tends to bend easily and in the long term break leaving sharp edges.
Polished or Brushed Unlike most barrier systems, the Classico cafe barrier can be supplied in any finish. However, our standard finish is a semi brushed stainless steel. Call our Sales Department for more infomation on alternative finishes.


The Classico, another popular premium post within our range. The Classico Cafe Barrier Post has been a firm favourite in the alfresco industry for many years. A solid stainless steel barrier which can accept both banners and ropes. Its top is manufactured in solid stainless steel and the barrier is supplied in a brushed stainless steel effect unless otherwise specified.


The Classico Post in Location

Classico Cafe Barriers

The Classico Cafe Barrier Post @ The Merchant in Liverpool. The Classico Posts are finished in Polished Stainless Steel.



We have been manufacturing Cafe Banners and posts for many years...Read more


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