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Wrought iron products.

Wrought Iron products have re-emerged in the cafe and restaurant environments. With proprietors looking to products which are going to last longer than just a season, it looks like we are going back to old school. Listed below are the advantages of wrought iron cafe panels and wrought iron cafe planters

Durable and Long-Lasting

Wrought iron products are made primarily of iron but with a little bit of carbon, this makes it very strong but also malleable enough to be turned into scrolling shapes. One of the main advantages of wrought iron is how long it lasts. Wrought iron should be painted every ten to fifteen years, but if kept in good shape it will last many times that. Even if wrought iron begins to rust, it will take many years to compromise the integrity of the iron, and many people even prefer the aged patina of rusted wrought iron. Compared to timber, the longevity of wrought iron is clearly worth the little bit of maintenance it requires.

Strong and Secure

The same strength that makes wrought iron last a long time also makes it perfect for security. That’s why it’s not unusual to see security fences and gates made of wrought iron or of a brick wall with wrought iron fencing at the top. When you’re looking for a strong and reliable material, wrought iron is the perfect choice.

Classic Appearance

Since it has a very traditional appearance, wrought iron lends any venue a classic look, reminding passersby of the grace and beauty of bygone eras.


Compare the classic beauty of a wrought iron cafe barrier panel to the standard opaque panels that are currently found. When paired with a well designed alfresco area, nothing beats the classic beauty of wrought iron . Wrought iron is so much more pleasing because its open design allows the eye to pass through it and focus ambiance of the outside dining area.

UK manufactured

Another advantage of our wrought iron panels is that they are designed and manufactured in the UK. Generally, the wrought iron panels and wrought iron planters are not produced in a large quantity and therefore it is not advantageous for any company to source the product in the far reaches of Asia.


Models - Wrought Iron Panels

We understand that it's not easy to design your own wrought iron panel. So, we've come up with some ideas for you. For pricing see the Cafe Barrier Wrought Iron purchase options here.


Part Number 10012 Part Number 10014 Part Number 10016
Part Number 10018 Part Number 10020 Part Number 10022
Part Number 10024 Part Number 10026 Part Number 10028


Wrought iron maintenance.

Our Wrought Iron Products are constructed from iron, and steel, comes in two common forms. Firstly, it can be wrought, where its heated and hammered into the shape you want. Secondly, it can be cast, whereby its heated to liquid form and poured into molds to create a solid piece. Most metals, with the exception of aluminium, are susceptible to rust. However, to prevent this, our wrought iron panels and planters are finished with layers of clear varnish, paint, lacquer or a durable powder coating, to add strength and protect the furniture from the elements.


To ensure longevity , regular cleaning is advised. Generally, most metals can be cleaned by simply using a little mild washing up liquid diluted with warm water. Sponge clean the panels or planters to remove any built up dirt, rinse with cold water, and then leave it to dry in the sun.


As Iron and Steel are susceptible to corrosion, particularly rust, ensure any chips are treated as soon as possible to avoid any future problems.

Wrought iron panels - Instructions

It a simple erection and dismantle of the wrought iron panel system.


Step 1. Spread the posts where you need them.

Step 2. Slide the panels on to the pins.

Step 3. (Optional) Lock the panels to the posts.


Wrought Iron Panel Instructions



Manufacturing of the Wrought Iron planters and panels

Wrought Iron Planters Wrought Iron Planters Wrought Iron Planters
Wrought Iron Planters Wrought Iron Planters Wrought Iron Panels
Wrought Iron Panels Wrought Iron Panels Wrought Iron Panels


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