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Wooden Cafe Barrier Panels

The wooden cafe barrier panels from Brandline Products have become a firm favourite amongst many clients. Contained within a treated mild steel frame, the wooden panels can be manufactured in a variety of timbers. The most popular panel is manufactured using reclaimed scaffolding boards. The boards offer a weathered rustic look which looks at home in any ambiance.


  1. The wooden panels are primarily utilised outside cafes and restaurants to cordon off an alfresco dining area.
  2. Simple to erect, the wooden cafe barrier panels are robust and come with the standard Brandline Products quality guarantee. (see installation instructions below)
  3. The wooden panels can be finished in many colours.
  4. The panels are treated for external use.
  5. Brandline Products supply two types of wooden panels. The Heavy duty 40mm framed panels, and the new light weight 25mm framed panels.



Download our instruction PDF by selecting the image below.



Brandline Products can manufacture bespoke panels to your specification.



If you require a message or image printed on the panels, we offer a range of solutions.


Timber Finishes Available

Wooden Cafe Barrier Panels Models

Although we offer four standard timber types, we can apply a timber of your choice to the wooden cafe panel. Call the sales team below to discuss your needs or specifications.

Panel A - Part Number 20016

Reclaimed scaffolding boards. These are lightly sanded to remove dirt and splinters but the patina remains. These panels are perfect for stenciling. See the Panels in location below.

Panel B - Part Number 20018

This Cafe Panel is manufactured from new timber and is produced with a lighter 25mm frame. The panel can be finished in a colour of your choice or clear coated.

Panel C - Part Number 20020

Panel C is manufactured from reclaim floor boards and can be heavy. The panels are cleaned thoroughly, lightly sanded, and unless otherwise requested, clear coated. These panels are perfect for stenciling, digitally printing, or even applying burnt logos to.

Panel D - Part Number 20022

Another lighter panel utilising new timber. This panel uses 19mm tongue in groove paneling. It is much lighter, but difficult to brand. This timber is usually used for outdoor buildings. The panel shown here has been treated in a Black Ash finish.