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Top 20 Prints

As you can imagine, during our time in production we have printed quite a few canvas cafe barriers. For every canvas cafe banner we manufacture we keep a photographic record. Join us to celebrate, in our opinion, the top 20 banner designs. These are only canvas banners that have been manufactured and heat pressed by Brandline Products®. Below are shown Number 5 through to Number 1


#5 - The One Tun

It's so refreshing when a logo comes along that takes hours and hours of labour to pick out the tiny specs of vinyl. However, the final result is well worth it. Number 5 in our all time favourite cafe barrier prints goes to the One Tun in Camden. A clean branding excerise.



#4 - The Royal George

We absolutley love these banners. The royal George chose to promote their pizzas on their cafe barriers. Five unique prints standing out in white print on black canvas. Let's face it, you don't have to look at their menu to see what they serve.



#3 - Kings College

This has always been a favourite. Kings College cafe barrier system. A white vinyl on a red canvas sets the barriers out from everything else. Kings College represents quality, and they really knock it out of the park with this design.



#2 - Finneys

Reclaimed timber as a back drop and simple black banners with a two colour print. It shows that for the cafe barrier system to work, simple branding goes a long way. Matching awnings also make a remarkable difference. Timeless.



#1 - Craft Union

There's just something about the Craft Union cafe barriers we love. Yes, they do take ages to manufacture. Yes, they are very simple colours. But they communicate a message. We're a traditional bar, with traditional values. It's an honour, Craft Union.



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Worthy mentions.

Some prints that we have applied to our cafe barriers that we felt were worth a mention.

Yates Wilmington Wagamama
Hogs & Hops Hattons Inn on the Mile
Innis and Gunn Insomnia Hillheal Books