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Top 20 Prints

As you can imagine, during our time in production we have printed quite a few canvas cafe barriers. For every canvas cafe banner we manufacture we keep a photographic record. Join us to celebrate, in our opinion, the top 20 banner designs. These are only canvas banners that have been manufactured and heat pressed by Brandline Products®. Below are shown Number 10 through to Number 6


#10 - Rosa's Thai Cafe

There is so much detailing in this logo that we couldn't bear to leave it out of the top ten. A simple single colour print on black canvas not only looks eccentric, but catches the eye.



#9 - Off The Wall Sports Bar

Okay, so it's not the most colourful. Nor is it the most detailed. But the Off The Wall cafe barriers typifies a clever branding technique: How can I get foot traffic from the distance and the sides?



#8 - Shaketastic! - Wembly

How can you possibly not love these cafe barrier prints. A simple white-on-red background detailing both the company logo and strap line, as well as a little history. The shakes are good too.



#7 - The Food Pit

Again, a very simple, subtle print on a grey back ground. The Food Pit chose to go minimalistic without over branding. The orange in the logo avoided the potential blandness. Worth every penny we'd say.



#6 - The Last Drop - Edinburgh

The Last drop. We voted this one in at number 6, just because there isn't any other tavern with a garish, macarb logo like this. The Last Drop. Gold on a black canvas background. Visit there at your own peril.



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Worthy mentions.

Some prints that we have applied to our cafe barriers that we felt were worth a mention.

Marco and Carl Richard Onslow Rest
Hogs & Hops Pranzo Pop world
Pizza Fella Philomenas PDs Diner