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Top 20 Prints Continued

As you can imagine, during our time in production we have printed quite a few canvas cafe barriers. For every canvas cafe banner we manufacture we keep a photographic record. Join us to celebrate, in our opinion, the top 20 banner designs. These are only canvas banners that have been manufactured and heat pressed by Brandline Products®. Below are shown Number 15 through to Number 11


#15 - dim t - Winchester

Unfortunately, the location image does not do these banners justice. Although its only a single white print on burgundy and dark grey backgrounds, the design and the lay-out were really thought about. Chinese blossom pattern.



#14 - Edinburgh Uni Barrista

It's amazing how many black and white prints appear in our top twenty cafe barrier prints. However, regardless of how cool this logo and installation looks, take note that the Sun is actually out in Scotland!



#13 - The Colonnade Bar

With its really cool top hat logo, the Colonnade Bar cafe banners resemble something you would imagine you'd see in the forties. The colours selected, we felt, we also spot on. A brown canvas with a three colour and photographic print. We salute you Colonnade Bar.



#12 - The Bandstand

The Bandstand on the Isle of Wight. To get the snap we actually had to get a ferry, bus, and sneak behind some bushes. Worth it though. It was chosen due to the logo being a completely bespoke colour. That takes guts.



#11 - Salt House Tapas

Wow, not only does the Salt House Tapas cafe barriers look great with the single print colour on an olive green background, but it's also educational. So, for all you pork lovers out there, fill your boots!



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Worthy mentions.

Some prints that we have applied to our cafe barriers that we felt were worth a mention.

Playboy - Energy NFL The Old Bell
The Square V Q Restaurant Freshly Chopped
Zapatista Moet Champagne Miller & Carter