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Top 20 Prints

As you can imagine, during our time in production we have printed quite a few canvas cafe barriers. For every canvas cafe banner we manufacture we keep a photographic record. Join us to celebrate, in our opinion, the top twenty banner designs. These are only canvas banners that have been manufactured and heat pressed by Brandline Products®.


#20 - Anderson Reid Estates

These canvas Cafe Barrier banners simply show the Anderson Reid Estates Crest on a black background. The silver and black with a blue inner detail makes a great impact when it comes to cafe barriers. No messages, purely branding.


Anderson Reid Estates Anderson Reid Estates


#19 - Basil Whole Foods

Simple, great font and says what it does on the tin. These black and white cafe barrier banners easily get the message across. Although I do think that it should thank it's position in the top twenty, because it is one of the few snowy installation pictures we have.



#18 - Cadburys

It's been a favourite for adults and kids alike. Cadbury Chocolate. Probably one of the most recognised logos in the world and the best milk chocolate ever. However, we would never vote for it just because it tastes good. A two colour logo on purple. It couldn't get any better.



#17 - Cafe 1809

Unfortunately, Cafe 1809 has now closed it's doors. But whilst it was operational, not only was it owned by the great Dame Kelly Holmes, but Cafe 1809 had great cafe barriers. Grey background with a white logo. Some customers even sat there watching the banners to see if they would fade in the sun. They're still watching.



#16 - Castle Street Townhouse

Look, any restaurant that makes a red bow tie part of their dress code has to be in the top twenty list. A British racing green back ground with a white logo stands out from the crowd. One of the cleanest and most tasteful cafe barrier designs we've manufactured.



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Worthy mentions.

Some prints that we have applied to our cafe barriers that we felt were worth a mention.

Birds Bakery - Derby Cucina - National Justice League Set
Esquires - National Fodder - Windermere The Feathers
The Drury Club The BBQ Collective Royal Navy Museum